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A professional cut-in is essential

It's true what they say. A man's hair IS his crowning glory. It's what defines him as a man. It gives him an edge. Makes him feel confident. Helps attract him to women. At Baldness Banished we understand how baldness can be cruel. How it affects your work, and your play. That's why we are confident you'll be delighted with our hair systems. We researched for many years before we went into business. We know what YOU want. Because, it's what we want also. Realistic hair systems that give you the ultimate confidence. Why not drop us a line at

If you're a man, then your brand new hair system or full cap will usually have a hair length of about six inches. This is so it can be styled to suit your personal preference.

We strongly advise against you cutting it yourself. If you make a mistake and chop too much off, you're stuck with it like that. Obviously unlike living growing hair, it won't grow back! Other hair system companies will suggest that they cut the hair in with you absent. That's like cutting hair with a blind-fold on and is not recommended. Even by using photographs of your head, you're unlikely to get a right cut.

You're best off finding a local barber or hairdresser who will do the job for you. Choosing a small corner shop barber may be preferential. Tell them you have a hair system you want them to cut in and they may arrange an appointment outside normal opening hours.



You could be asked to pay a bit extra for the cut because it's a hair system and may require more skill to sculpt. However, you will be safe in the knowledge that you're in the hands of a trained stylist.

Remember, regaining your hair should be a life's investment and that means starting off on a sure footing. Get yourself a reliable local stylist who will do your cut-ins. The finished result will look better by far.

Author, Steven Morris


Advice for ladies full caps...

Ladies full caps can be slightly different to men's. With a man's there is a tendency to want the hair short. However, a woman's hair length is most probably longer.

We suggest you have your hair system styled with it glued or taped to your head. We have often found a mobile hairdresser is a much better choice, rather than the high street.

That way, you can have the hairdresser's full attention without distraction. You may also want to keep the fact you're wearing a system private, between you and the sylist.

Weigh up your options and ask around before committing yourself. Ask the hairdresser if she has experience with cutting ladies full caps or wigs and the suchlike. And that applies to men searching for a stylist, too.

The fee should be around the same price as you'd pay for a conventional cut. This you can discuss with your stylist and arrange something which is mutually convenient. Never pay too much.

To order a ladies or men's hair system, just click on Full Caps.


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