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Your crowning glory

It's true what they say. A man's hair IS his crowning glory. It's what defines him as a man. It gives him an edge. Makes him feel confident. Helps attract him to women. At Baldness Banished we understand how baldness can be cruel. How it affects your work, and your play. That's why we are confident you'll be delighted with our hair systems. We researched for many years before we went into business. We know what YOU want. Because, it's what we want also. Realistic hair systems that give you the ultimate confidence. Why not drop us a line at

Frequently Asked Questions


How much are your hair systems?
It all depends on your hair loss. A larger size hair system base will obviously be more money. And a full cap, more money again. As are shipping costs to your country, as we ship from the UK.

How long will it take to make a custom made hair system?
Usually 6-8 weeks. Maybe a bit longer. It's a long, precision process, as each hair has to be painstakingly implanted in the base material. So please be patient.We cannot make the factory rush orders, so please don't ask us to. All hair replacement companies experience this wait.

Will I need to make a template?
Yes. If you want your hair system to looks its best. Providing us with a template lets us design a better system, both for partials and full caps. You design your hairline, which is the crucial part of hair replacement realism. Making a template can be a bit tricky, but it can be mastered and it's worth all the effort.

Do you supply real GREY human hair?
No, we don't. All grey hair is synthetic. The reason for this is that real grey hair is very expensive and rare. Also, it turns yellow after a while, and you wouldn't want that. Don't worry, synthetic grey hair can be combed and styled just like real hair. Having said that, all coloured hair is real human hair.

Will you give a refund if I'm not happy?
Normally, no we will not. Our hair systems are made to your specific requirements. A returned hair system will be of no use to us and we obviously cannot re-sell it for hygiene reasons. Your best bet is to make sure you have given us the right instructions of colour, size and density, etc, before ordering.



See how a full cap hair system template is made by watching the video below:

A bald dome isn't your only option - Trevor's story...

Trevor from Cumbria recounts the time he first started losing his hair: "I was about 25 and working on a building site as a bricklayer. I enjoyed the work, being outdoors was marvellous. However, one day my workmate said, 'Hey, Trev, you've got a bald patch!' I was so shocked because I didn't know that I was going bald. At that age, most guys don't examine the backs of their heads.

From then on, I immediately got a complex. I did what most guys do. Locked myself in the bathroom and got the two-way mirror out. I seemed to do this about 50 times per day. It was agony seeing my bald spot getting bigger and bigger. It wasn't long before the whole of the top of my head was thinning badly. As time marched on, I thought my only option was the shaved head look.


I It seemed the only socially acceptable thing. But I didn't think it suited me, so I wanted to avoid that. Then I got my first hair system and boy my life was returned. It was such a joy to turn back the years.was young again and looked great. I think the secret with my system is that I have gone with an age appropriate density. I chose 70%. Much thicker than that and it would look fake. Anyone will tell you, if in doubt go for a lower density. So if anyone asks me should they go for non surgical hair replacement, I'd say yes. DEFINITELY!"

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