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With today's partial hair systems you can apply the system on top of the head and create fantastic modern hairstyles.

The hair movement is called 'freestyle' and this enables the wearer to comb his hair in any direction. Back, side to side and forward.

But the swept back look is most popular as seen in the hairstyle to the left.

A system like this only costs £299, whereas most other companies charge twice or even three to four times as much. So contact us today!

An interview with a customer... Chris Sands ask Paul about his hair system...

Paul bought a full cap off us in April this year so we caught up with him in the summer of 2017 and asked him how he's adjusting to his new hair.

'I love it!' enthuses Paul. 'I was a little apprehensive at first but now I have the full cap and it's on my head, it's all good. I mean seriously before I wore a baseball cap everywhere, including at the dinner table. So now there is no baseball cap, only a very natural head of hair. The freedom it gives me to be myself is wonderful.

Like today I was out riding my bike along the coastal seafront where I live and it was a joy to be on that bike with the wind blowing through my hair. The bond is very strong as I use tapes.'

"So you'd recommend hair replacement then, Paul?" 'Yeah, without question. It's amazing. I love the hair, the look, and the fact I am no longer bald to the world. Really happy. Thanks.'

This is the type of result you can achieve with a partial system. It's unassuming but very effective.
And it can make a man look 10-15 years younger. Hair also adds positive character to the face.

Baldness Banished sells men's hair replacement custom made hair systems. Full caps and partial systems. You're in total control of density, measurements, hairline, color, wave patterns and the base - although we do recommend using swiss lace as it's both lightweight and durable.

To order, send us a message. By working together you and a hair tech will create a system specifically designed for you. This is done via messaging. There is no phone contact. Mainly because we can do everything much quicker via messaging. Payment is paid through the security and watch of Paypal. And we are paypal verified.


Yes, we can also replicate hair for black clients.

Afro or similar type of hair. Many black men who are balding might not feel that they would suit a shaved head. Or they might think to have styled hair is more business-like. Goes great with a suit. Stand out from the crowd. Make a great impression. Look good.

If you're interested in obtaining hair like in the photograph, then please send us a picture of the type of hair you'd like replicating. Send it to - Thanks.


If this is your first time wearing a system, you need not worry.

It really is very simple. As you can see from the image left, this client is about to have his partial system applied. He has chosen glue, so the balding area is shaved so the system fits exactly.

After the glue has become tacky, the system is carefully applied and rolled back. It takes very little time to apply.

This is done in the comfort of your own home. The customer has asked a friend to apply his system, but he could easily just do it himself, and that is the whole point of how we operate. It's hair system application do-it-yourself.

Some other companies charge their clients to fit the system, when you can do it yourself, for nothing. Go ahead, take the first steps to hair replacement today! Contact us!


View our amazing YouTube hair today, gone the next video!

We're UK-based but our clients are all over the world!

On Stage Tribute Acts - we can create any celebrity hairstyle - full custom-made TV, theatre and film 'wig' making

This is your opportunity to have hair like your idol - or perform on stage using one of our systems to sell you and your act. We have many clients who do this already.

We can also produce custom made ladies 'wigs', European and African

Natural hairlines - hair systems - full caps - UK Baldness Banished
All our full caps and partial systems have very natural hairlines.


Is your hair loss only at the back? Is your hairline more or less intact? Then all you may need is a bald patch fix. This system blends into your own hair to banish baldness. Contact us today for more advice.

PLEASE CONTACT US TODAY. Our email address is

Use this opportunity to tell us about your hair loss and what system are you looking at buying, full cap or partial.

We look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks.

Indian men's wigs - Baldness Banished
A client's 65-75% density full cap

Don't let your baldness weigh you down with worry - do something about it today -

Paypal verified UK Baldness Banished


"I love it how I can design my own hair system. Brilliant. Thanks so much for your help and support." (Adrien, 35, France.)

"Excellent service. First class system. Unbeatable price! Thanks so much. My hair has returned!" (D. Franks - Manchester, United Kingdom)

natural men's hair system - Baldness Banished - uk

Indian men's wigs - Baldness Banished

"Sir, I was a bald man of aged 23. You have given my hope back for the future. Now I have full head of hair. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." (Mr Bhatnagar - Punjab, India)
Baldness Banished ladies hair replacement

" I've suffered from alopecia since I was 17. Great to have nice hair again. Thanks." (Julia - Liverpool, UK)


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