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Simple steps to a full head of hair

The beauty of our web site is that we have made the process of ordering as simple as possible. We've gathered together all the essential information you require to take the steps to regain the hair you want. If you have any questions whatsoever, then do not hesitate to contact us by email

Ordering is made so simple


Ordering hair replacement is easy. The two ways to do this: A) You can send in a head template and a sample of your hair. Make sure the hair sample is at least 1 and a half inches in length. This ensures a good quality hair color match.

B) Alternatively, you can measure your bald area in inches. Obviously, unlike a head template, the actual hairline will not be custom-made. You will be delivered a standard hairline if you're supplying us with measurements.




Measuring for a partial:

1) First over the top of the head in the direction of ear to ear. Then from the back of the head to the hairline. Remember to only measure your bald or thinning area. We're trying to get the exact size of the hair system required. Your final measurement should fit into one of these base size: 5x7", 6x8", 6x9", 7x9", 7x10", and 8x10". If there's a slight variation we can compensate to accommodate it.

2) Now select your hairline recession. If you're in your 20s, you may not want any recession. But if you're older you probably will. Remember, we're trying to create a natural hairline that's relevant to your age. Most clients email us a photograph of the type of hairline required.

Measuring for a full cap:

Full cap measurements require the procedure demonstrated below in the diagram.

3) Select your base. We strongly suggest Swiss lace. It's advisable (but not necessary (that you also choose poly round the sides, and, thus enabling a secure hold with a combination of tape and glue.

4) You're almost done. You can select a hair color, or supply us with a hair sample for a perfect match. For our address, please email us at Just to confirm your order and requirments. Please note an extra charge is made for hair sample matching.

* All finished hair systems are delivered with six inch (or longer) hair in length. It's up to you to find a stylist who will cut the hair to suit your personal preference. Baldness Banished accepts no responsibility once the hair is cut.

Adhesives and other products

* For a good lace bond you'll need the correct adhesives, either strong tapes or glues or both. Preparation and removal are also important. Scalp Protector is used to 'prepare' the scalp for either a short or long term hair system application. Lace release is used to remove the hair system. You must use this because although the lace is durable, if tugged hard on it WILL tear. That said, if looked after carefully, your hair system will last a good six months, probably longer.

To purchase any of these products please contact us by email



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