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Simple steps to a full head of hair

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Product Reviews: Pro Hair Lab's GHOST BOND

When I started wearing hair, which was about 8 years ago, I had a pu (poly surround) which I think was a French lace base. To stick it down I used non branded toupee tape.

This worked for me because I used to put my system on in the morning and take if off at night. Often the tape from the day before would still be tacky, so I'd use the same tape to stick the piece down again. As the years rolled by, I gave up the poly surround, and started wearing the naked lace.

The mean reason was the poly made my head sweat and itch; lace on its own didn't. However, I found tapes didn't stick very well to naked lace, so I started using glues.


Clear glues at first which were very messy, and then a couple of white glues. Not so messy when applying it to the lace base, but hell on earth when trying to remove the residue. Fed up of all the mess, and the fact the plain white and clear glues weren't very effective, I returned to using tape. A better one this time, a very popular brand.


Yes, of course I had heard of Ghost Bond but never got round to trying it. Mainly because I had got used to the new tapes again. But since I got this freelance job writing product reviews for Baldness Banished, I've had an opportunity to actually try out Ghost Bond and I must say I am impressed.

You'll need a few coats of the stuff before you apply your lace system base (it also works on poly). Always making sure the glue dries between coats. You'll know it's dry when the white disappears. If you have a sweaty head, then make sure to spray with Pro Hair Labs' No Sweat (image right), an effective anti perspirant product. Make sure you're applying the stuff in a cool place, preferably in the bathhroom with the heating turned off and perhaps an open window. All secrets of the trade.

Always apply Ghost Bond to the scalp first. Never to the lace. Place a few small spots of it on the balding area where the lace system will sit, and spread the glue thinly. As I said, let it dry between coats. Be patient. You can apply around five coats, no problems. If you're waiting longer than 2 minutes for the glue to dry, then you're applying too much. Less is more in this case.

I had my full cap swiss lace hair system on for about nine days. I didn't need any touch-ups, and by the time I wanted to remove the system it was still secured to my head. It wasn't going no place until I sprayed Pro Hair Lab's Ghost Buster, bond remover lace and poly systems (pictured right). I found clean up to be quite easy, and I managed to get all the glue off the lace after detaching. As with anything, don't rush it. Take your time. Let the Pro Hair Labs Ghost Buster solution work in. Let it do the work. The best thing about these two products, Ghost Bond and Ghost Buster, is that they worked hand in hand. And you know because they're from the same company that they're going to work.

All in all, I was impressed. I highly recommend all three products.


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