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The hair system base

Although you can choose any system base, we advise our customers to go for Super Fine Swiss lace. The reason is that we have found this base is the best in terms of durability and realism. It's certainly one of the most popular hair bases in the world. The hairs are implanted one by one and tied into position. The frontal 'knots' are then bleached to give that 'growing out effect'. Please send us an email at

Hair density and other factors

Hair density is all important when it comes to making hair replacement systems. An average man or woman of say 18 years of age would have a hair density of 100% or as high as 150%. As we age hair density - or the amount of actual hairs in the scalp - decreases. The hair appearance becomes 'thinner'.

At the age of 60, you might find your hair density has dropped to 70% or even 50%. This is nothing to worry about, but hair of this density does look far different to thicker hair. And largely, that's a good thing. At 40 or 60 years of age, you might not want to wear the same hair density as you did when you were 18 years old. It wouldn't look right and it would be a big giveaway that you are wearing a system.


How a partial system order should look

Here's an example of an order from an existing customer, Mark. He has a typical 6x9 bald area. His order is our benchmark really as the following details make up the best hair system in our opinion. Obviously, you'd need to vary them to suit your own personal requirements. The details should look something like this:

1) Base size: 6X9 - that's six inches by nine inches. Nine inches from hairline to back; and six inches from side to side (in the direction of ear to ear).

2) Swiss lace with poly on sides, and front, set back half an inch. Poly is an option. You can simply go for bare Swiss lace and attach to the head with glue, such as Ghost Bond

3) Natural hairline with slight 'recession' - Mark is over 40, so that's his choice.

4) 100% Indian human hair. We advise human hair over synthetic, because it looks better and can be styled more naturally.

5) Hair color: Mark has 20% grey and 80% color 1b, (or hair sample provided), so the system blends in with his natural hair on sides and back.

6) Hair length: Six inches, to allow for various hair styles. Or you can opt for a longer hair length.

7) Density: Mark goes for 60%. Or depending on your age. If you're younger, you might go for a higher density.

8) Freestyle. This means you can comb and style your hair in any direction, rather than having a 'fixed' parting.

9) Straight hair, with slight wave. We do suggest you opt for a slight wave. This helps hold the style.

10) Bleached knots at front. This gives the ultimate realistic look, the illusion of the hairs actually growing from the head.

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'I never thought it was possible to get all my hair back. I went bald at 19 and my life was in turmoil. I never liked the shaved look, but I thought that was my only option. Now, I have my hair and my life back. Thanks so much for making me look good! LOL.'

Peter, 28, from France.




'I have been bald for 30 years. Now, thanks to Baldness Banished, I can look good again - with hair! The first time since I was in my 30s.

I actually chose a system that had quite a bit of hairline recession, because at 63 yeaars old I didn't think I'd suit that Elvis look. Seriously, less hair is more for me. It looks more natural.'

Colin, 63, from Florida (USA).




I think the best thing about your hair systems is the way the hair moves like natural hair growing from the head. Also, I get a lot of time and wear out of each unit. The one I'm currently wearing I've had for over 12 months, and the hair is still great. Thank you.'

Brian, 39.



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