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Product Reviews: Walker's Tapes

If you're new to wearing partial systems or full caps, you'll probably be a bit confused whether to use glues or tapes. Glues generally give a long hold, but tapes also are capable of keeping your unit on your head for weeks on end.

As someone who uses both tapes and glues, I must say I tried a lot before I was satisfied with their performance. Most brands promise great results often but fail to deliver. You'll find the standard toupee tapes are really not very effective. Some don't even stick to the lace. And with me switching from a poly perimeter to an all-lace unit, then tapes that stick to naked lace is a necessity.

Like I say, it's all trial and error in this game. So I decided to give the Walker's brand a go. The company kindly sent some samples and I must say, although these were free samples, I'm under no obligation to say I was impressed, but - get this - I was impressed.



Review by Kitty Maughan

It's true, the Walker brand does live up to its reputation. First let me start with Walker's Ultra Hold TAPE (there is a Walker glue, too). Perfect for naked lace and poly bonds. It's embarrassing to admit it, but it's true I have a very sweaty head but I managed to get a good seven day hold, no problems, with my ladies full cap. I could have got longer I guess but I like to keep my scalp clean so I attach and remove after about a week.

The No Shine Walker's tapes are particularly effective around the hairline area. The hold is good, and there is no tape shine giveaway, unlike most other tapes. This is perfect if you find yourself under lights - like for example if you're standing in an elevator, a place where I was most self-conscious. As I seem to find myself in a lot of elevators which is another story.

Other Walker's Products 


Walker's Ultra Hold Glue


Walker's Ultra Hold Tapes


Clean up was easy and the tapes seemed to just peel off when the correct solvent was sprayed on and left there for about two minutes. No problems.

To the right, you'll see the Walker's Ultra Hold glue, which I will be trying in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, please take time out to try these tapes. That's all until next time.

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