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Why you should order from us

There are plenty of reasons to order from Baldness Banished, but here are a few of them:

  • Reasonable affordable prices in exchange for an excellent product.
  • No gimmicks. No frills. No fast talking sales reps putting you under pressure.
  • No monthly contracts to worry about whatsoever.
  • A Hair Tech who will talk you over any concerns you might have prior to ordering.
  • You decide how many systems you want and when you want them.

You too can roll back the years! So how much is it?

The cost of our non surgical hair replacement all depends on your hair loss. Also, if you require a precise color match, and you're supplying us with a template, then you will have to send us a hair sample.  This ensures your system blends perfectly with your own natural hair at the back and sides. And your new hairline is designed by you, not us. Of course there is no color matching with a full cap, but a template might be necessary. Contact us to discuss this further.

Our prices are relatively low in comparison with other companies who often charge double or three times more than us, for what is essentially the same product. Our competitive prices are due to the fact we do not have extensive overheads. We are an online company offering custom systems that are shipped to your front door. So there is no need to keep appointments, rush through traffic, or pay any hidden extras. This service is totally discreet.


Women's and Children's units


Hair loss in women and children can be devastating. It affects not just someone's appearance but their confidence too. Our company understands the need for a hair system that not only looks realistic but is lightweight to wear too. It feels like you're not wearing a system.

And unlike conventional hospital wigs, our systems aren't bulky, nor are they badly styled with a fixed parting. The beauty of our women's and children's systems is that they can be styled any which way and parted left, right, centre, forward or back. It doesn't matter.

Also, you can choose any hair length. Long or short. Your order is custom-made to fit your head exactly. So there are no embarrassing bad fits. Contact us today for more information. Discretion assured.'

Chinese, Indian, African, and Asian, etc.


High and low density. Curly, wavy, straight, tight perm, long, short - it doesn't matter.

Our factory can produce a custom-made system to your exact requirements. In many circumstances, if you could supply us with a photograph of the type of hairstyle you're trying to achieve, we can then best advise you. Please note all our systems need to be cut in.

Unlike some other hair replacement companies, we do not provide systems that are pre-cut at the factory. In our view that would be a recipe for disaster. If you still have your own hair, and it's short, but you want a change - then purchase one of our lace front custom-made ladies hair systems.

Choose any length. Any color. Don't let the leading Hollywood movie stars and pop singers be the ones with the best hair. Invest in your new system TODAY! Contact us now by email!



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